Afife House
North of Viana do Castelo, between mountains and sea, Afife has a wonderful scenery of landscapes that interlock perfectly. When the client was to show me he had bought the land, could not help but be surprised by the fantastic panoramic view that of it in sight of the sea.

Situated on top of the mountain and protected from north winds, it soon became clear that the implantation of the house was essential, since the place was the reason for its construction.

In order to seek a better relationship with the land, the house sits on a platform created by the existing stone walls that define the topography of the site, some in ruins, which were needed to rebuild.

Result of its excellent location, located at the high level, the home of simple geometric shape, had to be so, as being stretched in the sun watching the sea.

The western facade features the image of the house, which is served by large windows and a balcony in console in compliance with all, as if it were a lookout point, made ​​a strong outside presence from within.

From an existing reclaimed floor, parallel to the house, a pool that rises relates to the garden and the wall.

With well-defined budgetary limits previously in this volume glass and plaster painted white, creating a dialogue between the current and past that unifies naturally with the landscape.