Trindade House
The house is located in the village of Moledo do Minho coast. It has a U shaped plan, and have been one of the oldest houses to be built, was dated mid-century. XIX. It has a chapel of reasonable dimensions with interiors rich in carvings and bell tower.

The geometry of its plant and building system in masonry of great thickness, determined the nature of the intervention performed.

The rehabilitation works executed were restricted to only the housing, having been made ​​a profound intervention, in which only took advantage of the exterior walls and the openings were carefully considered.

The interior of the house has been fully redesigned with contemporary architecture and adapted to the program provided by the owner, with two main objectives: First, to clarify its functional structure, marking the social and private areas. The second, find the solutions to reconcile the existing techniques with new materials and construction solutions to be adoptedd.