Diu House
The building, previously a fire station, later used as an auto-repair (mainly for competition purposes), is located in Diu street in Oporto. It’s well-known amongst a generation, they used to call it, Aurora’s garage. A fire has terminated its activities, leading to advanced decay. Nowadays, only the building’s façade remains.

It’s those memories of a sort of golden age that lead the new construction concept – a house built from the ruins recovering what remains from the original construction.

The modern concept contained in its volumetric form and the materials used, harmonize with its past, as people passing by will only relate to the old fire-station or later Aurora’s garage.

Although the new construction is not visible from the road, that does not reduces its importance, as its contemporaneousness is achieved by sober and clean architecture style , and good use of its exposure to the sun. The original functional program defined by the owner was thoroughly completed.