Roman Ridge
The new twelve-building complex offers a wide range of apartment types destined to different household sizes. The development of cost-controlled housing construction is mostly intended for the emerging middle class. Ground floor is projected to be used for small-scale commerce.

Both the concept creation and urban integration derive from the building land’s availability and geometry. A major importance was given to the quality of spaces especially to recreation areas and green spaces all around. Every building is positioned perpendicularly to the arrangement of streets in order to maximize surrounding areas utilization.

The supply of basic goods and services for the housing complex will be made through local businesses functioning at the ground floor level. These commercial areas are interconnected with the buildings – there so not neglecting the appropriate circulation space to foster harmonious coexistence. In addition to this, large open green spaces have been considered for different uses particularly for recreational activities.

Considerable areas have been designed for social and support facilities for the resident population such as medical and day-care centres. Other services can also be evaluated throughout the project, if necessary, particularly security related ones.

The presented construction type and structural solution is based on local construction knowhow and experience. All the materials used are expected to be locally sourced to minimize the dependence on the foreign ones. A rational and sustainable approach has been followed in what concerns to the material type used, particularly in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort. The structural modular system, on the other hand, allows a quick deployment. Local labour is expected to be hired for the project with a team of skilled technicians to oversee.