Talatona Twin Towers
This prior study matches the proposal developed for the real estate project in Luanda. The programme previously laid down by the promoter has been respected thus two 12 floor towers with both office and residence/housing utilization were considered (the later occupying the top floors).

This differentiation derives from the architecture of the buildings taking into account the distictive functionalities and space characteristics.The office building floors are prepared for different configuration so to adapt to the market needs. Sobriety together with double fa├žade transparency also transmits  an idea of technology fine-tunned for office facilities.

The base and bound element fo the two towers is an urban plaza, accessible to all publics, where all commercial, food and equipment will stand. This configuration has been conceived to allow leisure activities with differentiated timetable conciliation and independence.

The solid concept behind the project is a space where different activity articulate in a balanced manner. The reasoning behind the architectural concept also reflects this idea, aligning the different functions. Its contemporary and up-to-date tech image will surely be a framework for the local urban fabric.