Vilarinha House
The houses in the neighborhood of Vilarinha, were built in the '60s, part of an orthogonal grid Avenues between Boavista and Dr. Antunes GuimarĂ£es, in quiet and prime location.

This construction were promoted by the state, with major financial constraints, are characterized by their limited size in spite of their type T3.

The intervention now performed the overhaul of the house is characterized by maintaining the volume and exterior facades, in order to maintain its unique integration in the neighborhood and to preserve its character.

The solution was to remake the interior in a more practical and functional. The ground floor has therefore become a unique space where is privileged the broad daylight. The articulation of space by removing interior walls, and opening a new range in the back elevation, do the interior, which opens to a patio at the back which was transformed into a garden. Upstairs, two bedrooms with their own bathrooms complete the project.